Even at age twelve I could tell that Jimmy Carter was an honest man trying to address complicated issues and Ronald Reagan was a brilcreemed salesman telling people what they wanted to hear. I secretly wept on the stairs the night he was elected President, because I understood that the kind of shitheads I had to listen to in the cafeteria grew up to become voters, and won. I spent the eight years he was in office living in one of those science-fiction movies where everyone is taken over by aliens—I was appalled by how stupid and mean-spirited and repulsive the world was becoming while everyone else in America seemed to agree that things were finally exactly as they should be. The Washington Press corps was so enamored of his down-to-earth charm that they never checked his facts, but if you watched his face when it was at rest, when he wasn’t performing for anyone, you could see him for what he really was—a black-eyed, slit-mouthed, lizard-faced old son-of-a-bitch. He was a bad actor, an informer for McCarthy, and a hired front man for a gang of Texas oilmen, fundamentalist dingbats, and right-wing psychotics out of Dr. Strangelove. He put a genial face on chauvanism, callousness, and greed, and made people feel good about being bigots again. He likened Central American death squads to our founding fathers and called the Taliban “freedom fighters.” His legacy includes the dismantling of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal, the final dirty win of Management over Labor, the outsourcing of America’s manufacturing base, the embezzlement of almost all the country’s wealth by 1% of its citizens, the scapegoating of the poor and black, the War on Drugs, the eviction of schizophrenics into the streets, AIDS, acid rain, Iran-Contra, and, let’s not forget, the corpses of two hundred forty United States Marines. He moved the center of political discourse in this country to somewhere in between Richard Nixon and Augusto Pinochet. He believed in astrology and Armageddon and didn’t know the difference between history and movies; his stories were lies and his jokes were scripted. He was the triumph of image over truth, paving the way for even more vapid spokesmodels like George W. Bush. He was, as everyone agrees, exactly what he appeared to be—nothing. He made me ashamed to be an American. If there was any justice in this world his Presidential Library would contain nothing but boys’ adventure books and bad cowboy movies, and the only things named after him would be shopping malls and Potter’s Fields. Let the earth where he is buried be seeded with salt.

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white people be like oh my god what’s happening in ferguson is horrible I’m so glad my imperialistic european country that colonized 3/4s of the world or white colony that gained independence and proceeded to kill off the native…

As much as I hate to say it, Sweden has had some rather… unfortunate racial incidents in recent years as well. Remember the Black Cannibal cake?


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A random drawing from a while back, the Famous Five of the classic Universal Studios horror movies. Bela Lugosi’s Dracula Lon Chaney’s Wolfman Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein Ben Chapman’s Creature From The Black Lagoon Boris Karloff’s The Mummy

A random drawing from a while back, the Famous Five of the classic Universal Studios horror movies.

Bela Lugosi’s Dracula

Lon Chaney’s Wolfman

Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein

Ben Chapman’s Creature From The Black Lagoon

Boris Karloff’s The Mummy

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Seriously, its about damn time these guys dont have to hide anymore.

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Open your eyes.

New age Genocide 

reblogging again

Always reblog

As an outside observer, maybe Im missing something, but this cartoon seems dead on. Its always some fat white guy who feels threatened/just wants to shoot a black person, and they get off completely scott free.

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in America, black people are being gunned down simply for being alive, gay people can’t get married/can’t get jobs, politicians say women are asking for rape, trans people are being murdered every day, Middle Easterns are suspected to be terrorists, white men are defended for shooting up schools, teenage boys are building bombs to murder family and schoolmates and yet people still have the audacity to say this is the land of the free

Oh, its not the CURRENT US thats the land of the free, the original ideal was concieved as part of the mass immigration in the 1800’s, back when most of the places people were leaving actually WERE worse than the US. Of course, even then it was only free if you were white and male, and even then only certain kinds of white. 200 years of mythmaking tends to make you pretty dead set against any sort of divergence from the party line.

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i mean dude

2013 even looks like a shitty number to me and it was a shitty year

2014 looks so much more appealing to me.

2014 is going to be a good year, i can feel it.

no words can explain how wrong i was.

Seriously, FUCK this year. And there’s still 4 months to go…

Not that it matters, since time is just an arbitrary concept anyway, and shitty stuff will happen wether you count the days or not.

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Beautiful collection of straight boys interacting with a bisexual for hopefully the first time in their lives.

Are we really like…some kind of alien species to straight people or something?

What the hell


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Can we just appreciate how incredibly open-minded Homer is towards LGBT people?  He’s never assumed anything worse about them in the entirety of the show.

He’s got a lot of flaws but at the very least his simple-minded demeanour’s allowed him to not give a shit about people for what they do in their lives.  Unless it’s making money or being better than him.

Well, one episode did revolve around him freaking out when he found out that novelty shop owner he befriended was gay, and then he spent the whole episode trying to keep Bart from turning gay. But considering how this show approaches character development, its difficult to know which version is canon.

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fishing in animal crossing

oh, my, GOD

Oh fuck you ocean. Now Im glad we’re pumping you full of mercury

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